Salvador, Brazil. 1st International Symposium of Breast Cancer

Dear SIS Members.

It is a pleasure to inform you on the S.I.S./I.S.S. Course recently performed in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, within the framework of the 1st. International Symposium of Breast Cancer, that took place last April 9, 2011, in the Convention Center of the Bahia Othon Palace Hotel.

The Organization was performed by the SIS/ISS, the Departments of Mastology and of Plastic Surgery of the San Rafael Hospital, and the Institute of Mastology of Bahia, Brazil.

The General Coordinators of the Symposium were Dr. Ezio Novais, Dr. Roque Andrade, Dr. Marcus Moscozo, Dr. Jorge Leal (Bahia, Brazil) and Prof. Ruben Orda, (Israel) Director of SIS/ISS.

+ The Opening Lecture was presented by Dr. Eduardo Cazap, President of the UICC on the topic: Breast Cancer, a Public Health Problem.

+ The First Module on Oncoplastic Surgery was Co-Chaired by Dr. Ezio Novais, Dr. Marcus V. Alfano Moscozo and Prof. Ruben Orda.

The Main Lecture “Breast Oncoplastic Surgery: Actual aspects and future tendency”, was presented by Dr. Paulo de Albuquerque Leal.

Several Round Tables were presented:

The First Round Table, Chaired by Prof. Ruben Orda, included the following topics:

– Breast Oncoplastic Surgery from the point of view of the Mastologist.
– Application of Techniques of Plastic Reduction of Breast in Breast Reconstruction.
– Critical Analysis of Reconstruction with Implants

The Second Round Table, Chaired by Dr. Carlos Rencoret (SIS/ISS), included the following topics:

– Reconstruction with Microsurgical Flaps.
– Prosthesis in Breast Reconstruction. Their consequences and solutions.
– The Impact of Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy on Post-operative Complications of Immediate Reconstructions.

The Third Round Table, Chaired by Dr. Carlos Garbino (SIS/ISS), included the following topics:

– Overview of Breast Reconstruction in Europe.
– Local Recurrence after Conservative and Oncoplastic Treatment.
– Immediate Reconstruction and Symmetrization: when, how and why.

+ The Second Module on Clinical Oncology was Co-chaired by Dr. Jorge H. Santos and Dr. Roque S. Andrade de Silva.

The Fourth Round Table, Chaired by Dr. Marconi Menezes de Luna, included the following topics:

– Neo-Adjuvant treatments: Hypothesis Generation in the Clinical Practice?
– Chemotherapy + HER 2 Blockade in Metastatic Disease: Which is the ideal sequence?


The Fifth Round Table, Chaired by Dr. Jorge H. Santos Leal, included the following topics:

– New drugs in the treatment of HER 2 Negative Metastatic Disease.
– Use of Zoledronic Acid in the Adjuvant Treatment of Endocrine Positive. Where we are and where we go?

The Sixth Round Table, Chaired by Dr. Jose A. Ribeiro, included the following topics:

– Nuclear Medicine: from Scintigraphy to PET-CT.
– Axillar Lymphadenectomy: There is still an indication?