SIS Active Members


Egypt. Egyptian Society of Women´s Imaging and Health Care

Kenya. Kenyan Senologic Society

Nigeria. Nigerian Senologic Society

Tanzania. Tanzanian Senologic Society

Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Senologic Society


Bolivia. Bolivian Society of Mastology

Brasil. Brazilian Society of Mastology

Colombia. Colombian Association of Mastology

Costa Rica. Costarrican Society of Oncology and Mastology

Chile. Chilean Society of Mastology

Ecuator. Ecuatorian Society of Breast Pathology Sepam

Honduras. Hondurenian Senologic Society

Mexico. Mexican Association of Mastology

Paraguay. Paraguayan Society of Mastology

Puerto Rico. Puertorico’s Senologic Society

Perú. Sociedad Peruana de Mastología

Netherlands Antilles. Fundashon Prevenshon

USA. American Society of Breast Diseases

USA. National Consortium of Breast Cancers, Inc.

Uruguay. Uruguayan Society of Mastology

Venezuela. Venezuelan Society of Mastology


China. Chinese Association of Mastology

Georgia. Georgian Senologic Society

Indonesia. Indonesian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine

Israel. Israeli Senologic Society

Nepal. BATSON: Breast and Tyroid Society of Nepal

Syria. Syrian Francophone Association For Senology and Women´s Imaging

Syria. Syrian Radiologic Society

Turkey. Turkish Federation of National Breast Diseases Societies


Bulgaria. Bulgarian Society of Senology

Croatia. Croatian Senologic Society

Germany. EAOS GmbH, European Academy of Senology

Greece. Hellenic Breast Imaging Society

Greece. Hellenic Senologic Society

Latvia. Latvian Association of Breast Diseases

Romania. Romanian Society of Breast Surgery and Oncology

Switzerland. International Breast Ultrasound School

Lithuania. Lithuanian Senologic Society

Poland. Polish Society For Breast Cancer Research

Portugal. Portuguese Society of Senology

Romania. Romanian Society of Senology

Serbia. SerbianSenologic Society

Slovenia. Slovenian and Austrian Society of Senology

Spain. Spanish Society of Senology And Breast Pathology

Sweeden. Swedish Society of Breast Surgery