Sibenik, Croatia. Croatian Consensus Conference in Non Invasive Breast Cancer

Dear SIS Members:

It is a pleasure to update you about the SIS/ISS Course, which was held in Sibenik, Croatia, within the Scientific Program of the Croatian Consensus Conference in Non Invasive Breast Cancer with International Participation, in the Hotel Niko of Sibenik on May 13 – 15, 2011.

Prof. Ivan Drinkovic acted as President and General Coordinator of the event.

The following topics were discussed during the Consensus Conference:

Epidemiology, Image quality control of mammographic screening, Mammography, Cytology, DCIS, LCIS, Sic lobe theory, Reconstructive Surgery, Oncosurgery, Hormonal therapy and Radiotherapy.

Prof. Ruben Orda, Director of SIS/ISS, presented the “SIS International Accreditation Program for Breast Centers”.

Prof. Ivan Drinkovic, SIS/ISS Lecturer, presented “Magnetic Resonance Imagine” and Dr. Dominique Amy, SIS/ISS Lecturer, presented “Ultrasound”.

The interactive participation and exchange of ideas between the SIS/ISS Faculty and the audience enriched the experience of all participants.

Prof. Ruben Orda
Director SIS/ISS

Dr. Carlos Garbino
Secretary SIS/ISS