Chairman Prof. Ruben Orda. Israel.


The SIS-International School of Senology has the aim to improve the level of care of breast patients throughout the world, organizes educational programs at national, regional and world levels, promotes and increases interactive communication among breast health professionals, enhances contacts with renown breast scientits through te SIS-International Scientific Network and develops standards for improving the level of breast care.


  • Chairman Dr. Eduardo Cazap
  • Dominique Amy. Fran
  • Ivan Drinkovic. Croatia
  • Antonio Figueira. Brazil
  • Miguel Mate. Uruguay
  • Miguel Prats Esteve. Spain
  • Sidharth Sahni. India
  • Jorge Novelli. Argentina
  • Carlos Sánchez Basurto. Mexico
  • Schlomo Schneebaum. Israel
  • George Vlastos. Switzerland
  • Alexander Mundinger. Germany
  • Bernardo Aizen . Uruguay
  • Carlos Ricardo Chagas .Brazil
  • Carlos Vázquez Albaladejo. Spain
  • Edelmiro Iglesias. Spain
  • Carlos Rencoret . Chile
  • Julio Ibarra. USA
  • Erkin Aribal. Turkey