San José, Costa Rica. I Symposium of Breast Cancer

Dear SIS Members.

It is a pleasure to update you about the SIS/ISS Course, which was held in San Jose de Costa Rica, within the Scientific Program of the I Symposium of Breast Cancer, Costa Rica 2011, in the Medical College of Costa Rica on May 3 – 6, 2011.

Dr. Gonzalo Vargas Chacón acted as President of the event and Dr. Ileana Gonzalez was the Coordinator of the Symposium.

The following Lectures were presented in the framework of the SIS/ISS Course:

  • Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer through Screening Programs. Dr. Carlos Vázquez Albaladejo. Spain.
  • Considerations on the St. Gallen 2011 Consensus. Dr. Carlos Garbino. Uruguay.
  • Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. Diagnosis and Histopathology. Dr. Carlos Rencoret. Chile.
  • Accreditation Program of the SIS International School of Senology – SIS/ISS for Breast Centers / Units. Prof. Ruben Orda. Israel.
  • Minimal Conditions for SIS Accreditation. Dr. Carlos Garbino. Uruguay.
  • Hormonal Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer Risk. Dr. Carlos Rencoret. Chile.
  • Prophylactic Mastectomy. Dr. Carlos Vázquez Albaladejo. Spain.
  • Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Dr. Carlos Garbino. Uruguay.
  • Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Integral Treatment Review. Dr. Carlos Rencoret. Chile.
  • Is Axillary Dissection Necessary in Breast Cancer Patients with Positive Sentinel Lymph Nodes? Dr. Shawna Willey. USA.
  • Elective Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy, Current Indications and Advances. Dr. Carlos Vázquez Albaladejo. Spain.
  • Local Surgical Treatment in Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer. Dr. Shawna Willey. USA.

The interactive participation and exchange of ideas between the SIS / ISS Faculty and the audience enriched the experience of all the participants.