Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. II International Congress of the Bolivian Society of Mastology

Dear SIS Members:

It is a pleasure to update you about the SIS/ISS Course, which was held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, within the Scientific Program of the II International Congress of the Bolivian Society of Mastology, in the Convention Center of Hotel Bungavillas, on April 6-8, 2011.

Dr. Ingrid Hurtado Bruckner, SIS Vice President for South America, acted as the Congress President.

In the SIS/ISS Course the following lectures were presented:

“Accreditation Program for Breast Centers/Units”
– Breast Cancer in Latin America: Experts Perception Compared with Standard Medical
Care – Dr. Carlos Garbino (Uruguay)
– Breast Centers: Bolivian Reality – Dr. Sandra Pinaya (Bolivia)
– Implementation Advantages – Prof. Ruben Orda (Israel)
– Minimal Conditions for Accreditation – Dr. Carlos Garbino (Uruguay)
– Interactive Session. Prof. Ruben Orda and Dr. Carlos Garbino

“Controversies in Sentinel Lymph Node”
– Consensus Indications and Special Situations: DCIS, Pregnancy, others – Dr. Carlos
Rencoret (Chile)
– Micrometastatic Invasion: Is Axillary Dissection Necessary? – Dr. Carlos Vazquez Albaladejo
– Follow-up of Patients after Sentinel Lymph Node Procedure – Dr. Carlos Rencoret (Chile)
– Experience with Selective Biopsy of the Sentinel Lymph Node in Santa Cruz – Dr. Ingrid
Hurtado (Bolivia)
– Round Table: Dr. Carlos Vázquez Albaladejo, Dr. Carlos Rencoret, Dr. Ingrid Hurtado and
Dr. Alejandra Maciel (Argentina)

“Considerations on the 12th St. Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference. Primary Therapy of Early Breast Cancer”- Dr. Carlos Garbino (Uruguay)

The interactive participation of the SIS/ISS Faculty together with the audience enhanced the experience of the SIS/ISS Course for participants from Bolivia and neighbouring countries, such as Peru, Chile and Argentina

Prof. Ruben Orda
Director SIS/ISS

Dr. Carlos Garbino
Secretary SIS/ISS