New Frontiers for a Fair Breast Cancer Care in a Globalized World

After the successful publication of the book : “Breast cancer : Global quality care” by Oxford University Press in 2020 the book and ebook was highly recommended by ASCO-Post. Recently the editors published an open access review in ESMO-open about optimizing breast cancer care delivery with existing financial and personnel resources ( doi: 10.1136/esmoopen-2020-000861 ) . Some key faculty members accepted the invitation to present some of their findings and recommendations and make them freely available on the SIS ( senologic international society ) website and on the website of the Association of Cancer Executives. They were first presented 16/11/2020 during the 4the (virtual meeting) of the IOLC ( International Oncology Leadership Conference ). It was made possible by the support of : “The Mandrier Group”
A review is published 2021 in the European Journal of Breast Health.

Mauricio Magelhaes Costa

Breast surgeon, Breast center of the Americas Integrated Oncology Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, president SIS ( 2019-2020 )

VIDEO : “Introduction of the book and the project”

Didier Verhoeven
Medical Oncologist, Guest professor University of Antwerp, Chair Breast Clinic Voorkempen, AZ KLINA, Belgium
Lead editor and driving force of the project.

To learn more about this topic Dr Verhoeven’s book :”Breast cancer : Global Quality Care “ is available here

VIDEO : “Breast cancer : Global quality care “

Claudia Allemani
Associate Professor of Cancer Epidemiology, Cancer Survival Group, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
Co-Principal investigator of the CONCORD programme for global surveillance of cancer survival (Lancet 2015, Lancet 2018).

VIDEO : “Outcome indicators : The CONCORD programme”

Cary Kaufman
Breast Surgeon, Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery, University of Washington, Past Chairman National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers and Past President National Consortium of Breast Centers, USA

VIDEO : “Multididisciplinary meetings and the opportunities for tele-oncology : challenges in the times of COVID-19”


Sabine Siesling
Clinical Epidemiologist, Professor of Outcomes Research and Personalized Cancer Care, Twente, The Netherlands.

VIDEO : “Value based health care : myth or reality “

Manuela A. Joore
Professor of Health Technology Assessment & Decision Making
at the Maastricht University, The Netherlands. Her institute is committed to
creating value based health care.

VIDEO : “Maximizing patient value taken into account local resources”


Etienne Brain
Medical oncologist at the Curie institute in Paris, France. He is especially committed to research of breast cancer and geriatric patients. He is actually chair of the EORTC Breast cancer group.

VIDEO : “Bringing innovations to all breast cancer patients , and how to make innovations available to everyone , if possible ? ”

Benjamin O. Anderson
Consultant, Cancer Control, World Health Organization (WHO)
Director Breast Health Global Initiative (BHGI) and
Professor of Surgery and Global Health Medicine, University of Washington
Seattle, USA

VIDEO : “ Breast Health Global Initiative : A way to move forward in a globalized world”


Didier Verhoeven
Medical Oncologist, Guest professor University of Antwerp, Chair Breast Clinic Voorkempen, AZ KLINA, Belgium

VIDEO : “Recommendations from the faculty for better breast cancer care worldwide“