Strasbourg, France. Oncology Surgery Course on Breast Cancer Treatment

Dear SIS Members:

It is a pleasure to inform you on the SIS/ISS Course on Oncoplastic Surgery, which was held in Strasbourg, France, June 23-25, 2011.

The Course was co-organized by Dr. Jean-Marc Piat, Institut du Sein de l ́Orangerie, Strasbourg; Prof. Ruben Orda, S.I.S. International School of Senology, and Prof. Alfredo Barros, Hospital Sirio- Libanes, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A Commemorative Meeting for the 35th Anniversary of SIS was celebrated at the end of the Course.

We would like to heartily thank Dr. Jean-Marc Piat for his great success in the local organization of our joint event.

Prof. Ruben Orda
Director SIS/ISS

Dr. Carlos Garbino
Secretary SIS/ISS

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