SIS President’s Vision – November 2019

Dear Colleagues,

The Board of Directors of Senologic International Society is very active and developing a lot of new programs. We had a Board Meeting in Madrid on October 18-19,2019, under the full support of the Spanish Society with 16 participants from the USA, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Spain, Israel, France, China, Nigeria, Turkey, Italy and Greece.

SIS has participated of congresses in Nigeria, Turkey, Japan, China, Senegal, Algeria, Greek, Russia and it is increasing the membership with new members, including Australasian Society of Breast Diseases.

The ISS is developing the program of Dual Accreditation and there are 17 centers accredited and five in process.

We have nominated a new International Scientific Committee and AD HOC Committees. They will develop the SIS Recommendations and publish in our social medias.

The website has been rebuilt (, as well the Facebook, Instagram, twitter and the App for smartphone for Android (sisbreast). In a few weeks it will be online for IOS.

SIS is an official supporter of the European Journal of Breast Health that is currently indexed in PubMed Central, Web of Science-Emerging Sources Citation Index, TUBITAK ULAKBIM TR Index, and EBSCO. Journal is available online via Table of contents alerts of the journal are distributed to nearly 20.000 recipients internationally.

We will start a vigorous work of Advocacy and awareness for the women. We will launch a GLOBAL BREAST CANCER GROUP with the intention to bring knowledge and support for
patients groups.

SIS became Full Member of the UICC and intends to be an important partner for Breast Cancer Projects and is suggesting a session in the next World Congress in Oman, Muscat in October 2020.

We are establishing partnership with many international organizations like International Society of Breast Pathology, National Quality Measures of Breast Centers, Breso, and we
intend to develop common projects to improve Breast Healthcare worldwide.The Senologic Hellenic Society will promote the 21st SIS World Congress on Breast Cancer and Breast Healthcare in Athens, Greece, on September 10-12,2020. SAVE THE DATE!

This is the SIS Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Be part and promote the Senologic International Society