Sarajevo, Bosnia. The First School of Magnetic Resonance

Dear SIS Members,

It is a pleasure to inform you on the SIS/ISS Course on “The First School of Magnetic Resonance”, held in Sarajevo, Bosnia, on November 15, 2012.

The scientific activity took place in the Clinical Hospital of Sarajevo, at the Department of Radiology.

The Magnetic Resonance of the Breast was presented by the following Faculty:

  • MRI of the Breast: Dr. V. Beslagic. Sarajevo, Bosnia.
  • MRI of the Breast Lesion: Prof. J. Karovic. Sarajevo. Bosnia.
  • MRI of operated and augmented Breast: Prof. I. Drinkovic. Zagreb, Croatia.
  • MRI of Breast malignancy: Prof. B. Brklacic. Zagreb, Croatia.

The interactive communication with the participants was very dinamic and profitable.

We congratulate Prof. Ivan Drinkovic, SIS/ISS representative, for his fruitful initiative.

Prof. Ruben Orda
Chairman SIS/ISS

Dr. Carlos Garbino
Secretary SIS/ISS