Buzios, Brazil. VIII Congresso Luso Brasileiro de Mastologia

Dear SIS Members:

During the VIII Congresso Luso Brasileiro De Mastologia, chaired by Dr. Carlos Ricardo Chagas, the following scientific activities (organized by the SIS – International School of Senology and the Escola Brasileira de Mastologia), took place:

1) Conference and Panel Discussion on “International Accreditation of Breast Disease Centers”

The Session was coordinated by Dr. Ezio Novais Dias (BA, Brazil), President Elect, SIS; and Dr. Carlos Ricardo Chagas (RJ, Brazil), President, SBM; and moderated by Prof. Antonio Figueira Filho (PE, Brazil) President, EBM.

Prof. Ruben Orda (Israel), Director, SIS/ISS, delivered a conference on: “International Accreditation of Breast Disease Centers”. He presented the evolution and scientific evidences of Mastology as a specialty, its comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, and its optimal expression in breast care by Breast Disease Centers. He described the structure and main goals of the SIS Accreditation Program, which will be presented and discussed at the upcoming 16th SIS World Congress in Valencia, Spain on October 20-22, 2011.

Following the presentation, the project was analyzed and discussed by:
Jean Marc Piat (France)
Alfredo Barros (SP, Brazil)
Cicero Urban (PR, Brazil)
Edison Mantovani (SP, Brazil)
Ivo Carelli Filho (SP, Brazil)
Joao Moura Pereira (Portugal)
Vitor Veloso (Portugal)
Helena Pereira (Portugal)

All participants, as well as colleagues from the floor, emphasized the importance of the proposed project for the worldwide improvement of breast care.

2) Course on Breast Oncoplasty

The course was organized by Prof. Ruben Orda, SIS/ISS; Prof. Antonio Figueira Filho, SBM; and Dr. Jorge V. Biazus, SBM.

It included three modules, coordinated by Dr. Joselio Franco, Brazil; Prof. Antonio Figueira Filho, Brazil; and Prof. Ruben Orda, Israel, and included presentations by colleagues from Brazil, France and Portugal.

Following of the presentations of each module, an interactive discussion took place with all participants.

Prof. Ruben Orda Director, SIS-ISS
Dr. Carlos Garbino. Secretary, SIS-ISS