Punta del Este, Uruguay. XVI Congress of the Latin-American Federation of Mastology

Dear SIS Members.

It is a pleasure to inform you about the SIS/ISS activity which was held in Punta del Este, Uruguay, on November 17-19, 2011, in the framework of the XVI Congress of the Latin-American Federation of Mastology (FLAM) chaired by Dr. Bernardo Aizen.

Prof. Ruben Orda, Director of SIS/ISS, presented the “SIS International Accreditation Program for Breast Centers”.

A Course on Oncoplastic Surgery, organized by Dr. Mauricio Magalhaes Costa, Prof. Antonio Figueira Filho and Prof. Ruben Orda, was performed with the participation of Dr. Alfredo Barros, Dr. Mauricio Magalhaes Costa, Dr. Cicero Urban, Dr. Paulo Leal, Dr. Marcelo Sampaio, and Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez.

At the General Assembly, Dr. Mauricio Magalhaes Costa was elected President of FLAM. We hearty congratulate him for this achievement.

Prof. Ruben Orda Director SIS/ISS
Dr. Carlos Garbino Secretary SIS/ISS

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