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SIS History

“The Society (Société Internationale de Sénologie) was founded in 1976 by Pr Charles-Marie Gros, father of the modern breast imaging and forger of the concept of Senology.

Dr Charles Marie Gros (1910 – 1984), was Professor of Medicine from 1950 – 1979, and Head of the Department of Radiotherapy and Radiology – Senology at University of Strasbourg, France. In 1963, he created a new multidisciplinary medical specialty for the care of breast diseases, allowing scientific strictness and humanism, proposing to identify it with the term “Senology“. This same year, he established the “1st University Diploma on Breast Diseases” and published the first Journal on Breast Diseases: “Senologia”. In the first issue of the journal he stated: “In order to satisfy increasing demand of a large number of doctors, of various specialities, we have taken the initiative to individualize a new medical branch in organology named SENOLOGY (seno meaning breast in romane language) and to create a REVIEW and SOCIETY. In view of a synthesis and with a purpose of personalizing the treatment of each patient this individualisation was needed by the spreading development in biological and clinical spheres (diagnostics and treatments), by the ever greater number of patients and the growing number of publications more and more diversified and dispersed on mammary pathology.”

Our Society is inspired by the work of Prof. Charles Marie Gros, as well as other important contributors to the Senologic field, such as our Honorary Presidents, Prof. Umberto Veronesi, Prof H.J. Frischbier and Prof. Miguel Prats Esteve.

Since 1976, the Senologic International Society (SIS) aims on bringing together the National Societies of Senology around the world and improving the knowledge and quality of breast healthcare worldwide, based on the life-lasting, valuable contribution of our past Presidents and the current President of the Board of Directors of the SIS.

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