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SIS Fellowship in Breast Surgery


The SIS Fellowship in Breast Surgery is designed to provide subspecialist education to surgeons who want to get a deeper understanding of breast diseases and multi-modality clinical care unique to the breast patient.s

Following successful completion of a residency program resulting to board eligibility, the fellowship consists of at least 12 months of ongoing education and training.

Program requirements:

  • A minimum of one year of continuous education is required.
  • At least 10 months of breast surgery training, with formal rotations on surgical activities.
  • The training must include formal rotations on nonsurgical breast services, (such as medical oncology, radiotherapy, radiology, pathology, genetic..et) are also required
  • Clinical research activities are considering as a fundamental part of our fellowship.
  • At least an intermediate language level is required depending on the practical language of department.

Who can apply for a fellowship?

If you are a Board Certified General Surgeon or Gynecologist in your nation, you are eligible to apply for the next available post.

Applications process:

The candidates are requesting to provide all of these documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Graduate and Postgraduate Education.
  • Letter from the Chairman with whom the applicant have spent the
    chief residency
  • Letter of interest from the candidate

Fellowship trainings and courses programs

This section will show available training programs and courses for medical students and post-graduates

Fellowship form

If you would like to be a candidate to a fellowship program, please complete the application form bellow.


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