The patient and breast cancer


13/03/2023 - 15/03/2023


Strasbourg, France


3 days




nurses and midwives, nurses' aides, physiotherapists, laboratory technicians, medical secretaries


Targeted skills at the end of the training

  • To update knowledge in senology: clinical, imaging, sampling and analysis methods, indications and therapeutic modalities
  • Carry out a global management of the patient: psychological aspects, diagnostic tools, help with the acceptance of therapeutics etc…


  • Diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of breast cancer.
  • Post-cancer and reconstruction:
    • The healthcare professional-patient relationship: reception and support of the consultant.
    • What to do when faced with a breast symptom.
    • Role of the care team: listening, looking, talking, touching.
    • Clinical examination of the breasts.
    • Technique and indications of mammography and ultrasound.
    • Patient testimonials.
  • Practical workshops
    • A morning in the operating room and in the pathological anatomy laboratory.
    • Sampling methods: fine needle biopsy, microbiopsy.
    • Modalities and therapeutic environment: surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy.
    • Rehabilitation: breast reconstruction, prostheses, psychological and physical after-effects.
    • Screening, prevention


This course focuses on updating knowledge in senology and improve global management of the patient for nurses and midwives, nurses’ aides, physiotherapists, laboratory technicians, medical secretaries; though a complementary theoretical and practical 3-days workshop