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Mr. Gérard Hrodej

Treasurer and Office Manager

After a long experience in  the Industry of Energy from 1976 ( development, services, sales of Industrial Diesel Engines ans Gas Turbines) my chance appeared short time before retirement by meeting Doctors, Patients, Researchers all passioned and concerned  by Breast Care. I organized conferences about Senology for Employees of my Company. 
I was then nominated as President of a new regional breast cancer patients association; the courage and optimism of these people pushed me to learn more about Senology and Conferences, congresses. 2018 was a great year for me, working in the preparation of 2018 worldwide congress of SIS. Secretary of SIS Presidents from 2018 untill now, I was honored to take the Treasurer position of SIS from 2018, a challenging but so interesting position.

A pleasure to meet you soon. Gérard