40th Congress of the Spanish Society of Senology and Breast Pathology (SESPM)


October 20-22, 2022


Oviedo, Spain




After more than 2 years, in which the situation has prevented us from meeting, the time of the reunion in Oviedo, already has dates … 20, 21 and 22 October.
Health professionals from various fields of medicine and different specialties, we have a common challenge: to restore health and provide comprehensive treatment to patients with breast disease in the broadest sense of both terms.
The organization of the 40th Congress of the Spanish Society of Senology and Breast Pathology is an important challenge, but there is a really committed team working to achieve a program with topics of great interest in Breast Pathology. Numerous experts will present the latest scientific evidence at the diagnostic and therapeutic level, without forgetting the impact of treatments on the lives of our patients. In these times in which advances are occurring at great speed, we will also look at how the future looks to be able to offer our patients the comprehensive care they need.
The Palacio de Congresos de Oviedo, will allow us the coexistence of professionals from different specialties, which is one of the most distinctive features of our scientific society, which enriches us and allows us to share the evidence and clinical developments affecting all disciplines involved in breast pathology.
We are waiting for you all in the millenary capital of this Principality of Asturias, origin of the primitive pilgrims’ road to Santiago, to share knowledge, but also good times.
Our city, with corners with great charm and history will allow you to get lost and enjoy your stay, without forgetting our stunning natural environment, which not in vain, has earned the nickname of Natural Paradise.
Our goal is to achieve a meeting with the high scientific level of previous editions, with the hottest topics that occupy and concern us and that we can also take with us, a pleasant memory of the surprises that this Principality offers to visitors.
You can’t miss it, it’s time to meet again.
We will not fail you.
Ana Llaneza
President 40th SESPM Congress
Oviedo 20-22 October 2022