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Why to become an SIS Active Member?

SIS was founded in 1976 in Strasbourg (France). Today, SIS is a unique global federation of more than 100 Scientific Societies, Associations and Groups, located in all five continents, with a priority mission: to improve breast health by constantly putting the patient at the center of its concerns. It is a forward-looking organization with a particular focus on innovation, transdisciplinarity and digital technology.

There are 8 significant benefits of being an active member of SIS:

Strengthen the level of excellence

The synergies offered by SIS breast specialists concerning primary prevention, screening, innovative therapeutics, and new digital technologies are likely to strengthen the level of excellence and expertise of your Learned or Scientific Societies, Associations and Groups.

International publications

Participation in international clinical or research studies and basic research protocols is promoted by SIS through joint international publications. In addition, collaborative positions on breast health (screening, new reconstruction techniques, prophylactic surgery, environmental impact on breast health.) can be considered in various scientific journals, in particular the European Journal of Breast Health.

International accreditation and certification program

SIS/ISS has also established an international accreditation and certification program for breast diseases centers, which meets several quality criteria and is already nationally certified (either by a national learned society or by the country’s High National Health Authority). This international certification can only be given to senology centers where a member of the medical team is also a member of a Entity affiliated to the SIS. The dual national and international certification strengthens the local, regional, national, and global positioning of the Senology Centers.

World Congress

The members of the affiliated Entities to the SIS benefit from the opportunity to participate and promote their work at the World Congress organized every two years by the SIS on the latest advances in knowledge in the field of breast health and breast diseases. Ten international awards are given to the best e-posters on a senology topic. Topics on digital, big data, artificial intelligence and connected objects for patients undergoing breast surgery will be presented in preview.

Educational activities

The International School of Senology (SIS/ISS) promotes educational activities in collaboration with about 100 affiliated institutions, including the UICC (International Union Against Cancer). University diplomas in Senology are awarded under the dual auspices of the national faculties of medicine and the ISS. The SIS/ ISS can invite you to teach sessions or accompany or support you in certain topics.


SIS is promoting a fellowship program (in different languages) and will open the possibility of recruitment of young people (surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, radiotherapists etc) who would improve their knowledge in new breast cancer care and spread the knowledge about breast diseases.


SIS by its active members is partnering with other breast cancers institutions, UICC, Breast Cancer Network and patients associations…

To vote

Finally, becoming an active member of SIS gives to your Entity the right to vote during the General Assembly.

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How to become an active member of SIS

Your Entity (Scientific Societies, Associations and Groups) complete a submission file on the link. This submission is analyzed by the SIS Board process. SIS board will inform your Entity about your request. Your Entity will receive an invoice corresponding to the yearly affiliation fee allowing your payment and finally receiving a welcome letter and an affiliation certificate from SIS board.

The annual membership fee is linked to the country’s classification of the World Bank and the number of members of your entity:

  • High Income economies: between 500 and 1000 US dollars
  • Upper Middle-Income economies: between 400 and 800 US dollars
  • Low Middle-Income economies: between 300 and 600 US dollars
  • Low Income economies: 200 US dollars

The payment will be done in Euros on the USD/Euros exchange rate at the date of the invoice.


Special fee amount will be applied in case of re-affiliation

SIS membership form

If you wish to submit your application for your scientific society or patient association becoming a SIS member, please fill the form below