SIS meetings from 9th and 10th October 2023: From Gutenberg to Artificial intelligence

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24 October 2023

A Celebration of 600 Years of Progress in Senology :

October 2023 – Strasbourg

From Gutenberg to Artificial Intelligence: Shaping the Future of Senology

The SIS was glad to share the success of our international meeting, which took place in Strasbourg on October 9th and 10th, 2023. Under the theme, “600 Years of Progress in Senology: From Gutenberg to Artificial Intelligence,” this event was a momentous occasion that celebrated the rich history of senology, progress of genetics, epidemiological data across the world, impact of environnement, up to exploring the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the field.

A Global Gathering

We were delighted to welcome participants from diverse corners of the world, including Japan, Turkey, Poland, China, Bénin, USA, Brazil, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Marocco, Israel … This global convergence of Breast Health experts, healthcare professionals, nurses, medical doctors, surgeons, students, and patients made the congress a truly inclusive event.

Congress Highlights:

  • Successful Journey through Strasbourg

The second day of the SIS Congress ventured through the picturesque city of Strasbourg, starting with a board meeting at the IHU (Institut Hospitalo Universitaire de Chirurgie guidée par l’Image). During this session, the SIS was honored to welcome two new members (Saudia Arabia and Bénin). Next worldwide congress programs (Puerto Rico and China) were discussed with all members of the board-meeting, some of them being connected by videoconference (USA, Israel, Nigeria…). Moreover, the possibility of organizing congresses in different regions in Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Asia, America, and Australasia, with the help of SIS vice-presidents was addressed. New members and roles of the board have been voted. The upcoming organization chart will soon be available on the website.

At the Council of Europe, in the afternoon, we were welcomed for a parliamentary session (with over 50 members of the European Parliamentary). With over 100 participants, discussion theme was centered on the right to a healthy environment for breast health. During this session, the breast cancer in Europe in 10 questions booklet was offered to the members of the SIS and members of the French National Academy of Surgery.

At the “Region Grand-Est” later in the afternoon, SIS was very honored to welcome the French National Academy of Surgery, which contributed to discussions concerning different topics: Humanitary aid programs concerning breast health, Breast surgeon training, impact of night/shift work on breast cancer risk and new modalities of oncoplastic surgery.

Concluding at the “Hôtel de Ville” of Strasbourg, Breast Health experts, healthcare professionals, nurses, medical doctors, surgeons, students, and patients were invited at the City Hall for a friendship glass. With all participants, SIS is committed to continue building on the rich discussions and collaborations initiated during this extraordinary congress.

Stay updated with the latest developments and outcomes from the congress on the SIS website!




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