The SIS welcomes a new member: the Cameroon Society of Senology

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25 March 2022

The Republic of Cameroon is a country located in Central Africa, with 26 million inhabitants. Its pollical capital is Yaoundé. Official languages are French and English, however there is a multitude of local languages (309 in total). Life expectancy at birth is 60 years for females. Cameroon has 6,202 health facilities distributed in 189 health districts. Healthcare coverage is 1.1 doctor and 7.8 nurses and midwives per 10,000 inhabitants. This ratio varies considerably according to the health districts.

Breast cancer in Cameroon is the most frequent cancer among women. In Cameroon, breast cancer occurs at a relatively young age: the average age at diagnosis is 48 and 30% of patients are under 40. The triple negative phenotype is frequent. Although there is a national plan and a national cancer control committee, human resources for breast cancer management remain largely insufficient in view of the number of patients. The absence of a national screening program results in late diagnoses; more than 60% of patients arrive at an advanced stage and initiation of treatment is often delayed. Funding for cancer care, particularly breast cancer, is insufficient.

For these reasons, the Cameroon Society of Senology aims to improve local breast cancer care. The society has different important goals: 

  • Education and training of the local healthcare progessionals through specific diplomas, international cooperations and congresses, seminars and workshops 
  • Healthcare improvements: deployement of screening centers and dedicated senology units; install multidisciplinary meetings and update protocols
  • Research: develop a research facility, conduct clinical trials and breast cancer studies



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